With the breakthrough solution from Coda Devices you can:

  • Detect heroin inside clear baggies, no need to open them.
  • Keep the life of your officers safe by avoiding potential contact with fentanyl.
  • Keep the integrity of evidence and value to the court.
  • Detect more than 200 narcotics, cutting agents and precursors.

Flexible pricing
Starting from 599 USD/month

“With this Coda device, we can just test the suspected narcotic already in the packaging so we don’t have to open up the packaging and subject the citizens, or any law enforcement, to that potentially deadly substance”

Ben Halsey, Patrol Lieutenant,
Montrose County Sheriff’s Office
Source: Tyler Young, 2018, “MCSO Receives New Drug Analysis Technology”,

Feld Proven Technology

A number of the US stats are already using Coda Devices solution to safely and confidently detect heroin through a package.

US Map

Threat of Alternative Solutions

The existing heroin detecting solutions have a number of serious and even death-threatening disadvantages. The most critical of them is the need to physically open a package to obtain a testing sample. This type of testing exposes officers to the potentially dangerous contents and jeopardizes their lives (DEA, 2017, p. 9). In fact, DEA strongly advises officers not to open packages that possibly contain heroin. There is a vast number of cases when inhaling or even absorbing through the skin a heroin-based compound has led to life-threatening situations (Artemis Moshtaghian, CNN, 2017).

Moreover, opening a package compromises the integrity of the evidence, complicates further investigations and diminishes the value of the evidence in court. While the need for preliminary preparation of a sample can lead to mistakes and questionable results.

Coda Devices heroin detection solution is different. It uses non-invasive approach allowing to detect heroin inside a plastic bag it came with. Hence, saving lives of police officers, keeping evidence safe and providing objective results.

Safe and Confident Solution

Coda Devices’s solution is one of the safest and confident ways to detect heroin. Coda Devices’ breakthrough heroin detection solution solely based on Raman spectroscopy. This means that sample requires no preparation at all. Heroin can even be detected through a plastic bag commonly used by drug dealers and addicts. Preventing officers from opening packages with unknown substances achieves two objectives. First of all, this saves officers’ lives. Opening packages expose officers to the potentially dangerous contents and jeopardize their lives (DEA, 2017). Moreover, opening a package compromises the integrity of the evidence, complicates further investigations and diminishes the value of the evidence in court.


Verification of Street Heroin

To verify the solution from Coda Devices real street samples of heroin were used. Here are 3 samples. The photo of a sample shown on the left. The spectrum of the respective sample is presented on the right. The original spectrum with fluorescence noise shown with light gray. The refined spectrum depicted by dark gray. The signature heroin peak is shown in red.



A wide range of identified substances:
  • Narcotics, precursors, cutting agents, street mixtures
  • Prescription drugs
  • Pharmaceuticals, polymers, plastics
  • Forensics, drugs, explosives, poisonous substances
  • Gemstones, minerals


Built with a field work in mind. Rugged case and durable materials make it suitable for even harshest environments.


  • Seamless library update
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use way to add spectra
  • 3,600 prescription drugs
  • 200 narcotics/cutting agents


  • No need to prepare a sample
  • Results are ready in about 15 seconds


  • No consumables
  • We confident in our best prices. In fact, we are even listing them on our website!


  • Easy to use
  • Clear reports
  • Transparent measurement history
  • No or little training required