CDI 1M Mobile Field Lab

CDI 1M combines the quality of a benchtop Raman spectrometer with ruggedness, portability, and autonomy needed for field work.

CDI 1M is specially built with the law-enforcement use in mind. It can quickly identify unknown substances like narcotics, prescription drugs, explosives, poisonous, etc. CDI 1M is equipped with a battery for 10-hours autonomous use and enclosed in a protective case capable of surviving even the harshest environments.


11kg / 24.25lb


45 x 29 x 10.5cm / 18 x 11.4 x 4.2in



Supported formats

CSV, Excel© Spreadsheets, PDF

Supported languages

English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Thai

Spectra libraries

  • 3,600 prescription drugs
  • 200 narcotics, precursors and cutting agents
  • Spectra libraries from Coda Devices and S.T. Japan

Battery time

10 hours, charging from home and car socket.

Operating temperature

-10 - +40 / 14 to 104

Spectral Resolution & Range

  • Resolution 6..8 cm-1 with range 500..1,800 cm-1
  • Resolution 8..9 cm-1 with range 300..2,900 cm-1

Laser wavelength


Analyzed area



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California, USA or Moscow, Russia

CDI 1M is based on Raman spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy method that exploits scattering of light. This method is based on a property of molecules to scatter laser light inelastically. Frequencies of inelastically scattered light bare “fingerprints” unique to compound’s molecules. Thus allowing to identify compound itself.

This exclusive to Coda Devices technology is based on coded multi-slits aperture (US Patent No. 7,301,625,7,505,130). It can significantly improve the sensitivity of a spectrometer and at the same time reduce production and final costs.

CDI 1M mobile system is designed especially for law enforcement agencies and special services, for use in outdoors and field conditions. It allows identifying solid, liquid, gel and powder substances.


  • Law enforcement and drug control services
  • Quality control in industrial production
  • R&D and education


  • Identification of up to 4 components in mixtures
  • Identification in about 15 seconds
  • High precision

Spectral Databases

  • Pharmaceuticals, polymers, plastics
  • Forensics, drugs, explosives, poisonous substances
  • Minerals
  • And many others


A wide range of identified substances:
  • Narcotics, precursors, cutting agents, street mixtures
  • Prescription drugs
  • Pharmaceuticals, polymers, plastics
  • Forensics, drugs, explosives, poisonous substances
  • Gemstones, minerals


Built with a field work in mind. Rugged case and durable materials make it suitable for even harshest environments.


  • Seamless library update
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use way to add spectra
  • 3,600 prescription drugs
  • 200 narcotics/cutting agents


  • No need to prepare a sample
  • Results are ready in about 15 seconds


  • No consumables
  • We confident in our best prices. In fact, we are even listing them on our website!


  • Easy to use
  • Clear reports
  • Transparent measurement history
  • No or little training required